Emergency Pet Care Note for Your Wallet

If you are a pet owner and concerned with protecting your companion, carrying a note in your wallet which contains care instructions in case of an emergency is always a good idea.

The emergency care note should contain:

  • Emergency guardian contact info
  • Landlord or owner of dwelling contact info
  • Executor of estate contact info
  • Neighbor’s contact info

You can use the following as a template for your emergency pet care note:

“In any situation in which I am unable to return home to feed my pets, such as my hospitalization or death, please immediately contact [Mary Smith] at [address and phone] or [John Doe] at [address and phone], to arrange for the feeding of my [cats/dogs] located in my home at [address]. The superintendent of my apartment building [name, address and phone], my Executor [name, address and phone], and my neighbor [name, address and phone] each have a copy of this document.”

For more information about protecting your pet, please see “Caring For Your Companion: The Importance of Protecting Your Pet“.



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