Probate Seminar: What Paralegals Need to Know

Probate Attorney in Woodland HillsOn Wednesday, August 29, 2018 Probate Attorney KC Marie Knox of Hymes, Schreiber & Knox, LLP will be the featured presenter of the National Business Institute’s (NBI) Seminar entitled “Probate: What Paralegals Need to Know“.

This intermediate level course is designed for Paralegals, Legal Technicians, Legal Assistants and Legal Support Staff.  This Probate Seminar will:

  • Discuss how to efficiently handle the opening of the estate.
  • Review the typical timeline for probate filings.
  • Gain valuable tips for handling tax issues associated with probate.
  • Follow thorough closing procedures so accounting is complete before distribution takes place.

During the 1 hour session starting at 4pm EST, Los Angeles Probate Attorney KC Marie Knox will cover the following content:

  • The Initial Filing: Opening the Estate
  • Documents to Include and Required Notices
  • Timeline for Proper Probate Filings
  • Inventory and Administration of the Estate
  • Tips for Minimizing Estate Tax Burdens
  • Closing the Estate- Final Accounting and Distribution

Don’t miss this opportunity to build your skill set – register to NBI’s Probate Seminar today:


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