Will I Lose Control of My Assets That Are In The Trust?

NO! You will not lose control of your assets that are in the trust.

You will be the trustee of your trust during your lifetime.  You are able to buy, sell and borrow just as you were when your assets were held in your name as an individual.  Here is more information regarding setting up a trust.

If you still have questions, please contact our Trust Attorney in Los Angeles today to schedule a consultation.



4 responses to “Will I Lose Control of My Assets That Are In The Trust?

  1. This is solid advice as trusts provide for many benefits to clients in whatever state they state they are living. The trust is revocable which allows this settlor to unravel it if he does not like operating under this arrangement. But it has so many benefits, especially if funded during lifetime. If you are in California you should consult with experienced estate attorneys since there are federal estate tax implications and community property issues that need to be considered.

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